St. Louis Cathedral French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana

So 5 days later isn't exactly every day.  Maybe I will get in the habit of posting more soon.  The last few days I have been in New Orleans.  I took a photo class there that was helpful, but not what I was hoping for.  We took very few photos and I felt like I didn't get to see as much of the French Quarters as the class should have shown me.  We spent most the time learning very basic functions of the camera.  I did learn some, but mostly it was a refresher for me and the other student with me didn't seem to have a grasp of any of that so spending a half hour on DOF drove me nuts.

This was one of the pictures I took.  There were a ton of people in front of this church and the instructor taught me to look for things like this bush and to crouch down to hide all the people.  Good tip!  I will try to use it more.  

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