I wanted to start taking a photo a day for this year.  I did the first two days and then promptly forgot.  The last few days I have been going through old photos as well as trying to get all my photos organized and backed up.  In doing so I noticed a recent decline in my photo taking.  I feel it is because I moved back home.  I started taking photos ten years ago simply to share with my family that lived far away part of my life. Then six months ago I moved back home. The last several family events I arrived at I realized I had no camera with me. I just keep forgetting it. I don't want this love that I have developed with my camera to go away. I am committed to trying to do it better. I hope to share a photo a day from now on. They may be old photos that I am working on fixing or may be a photo I take that day or week.  I may share two or three. Just want to keep the creativity flowing and develop this hobby further.

Some things I am doing this year to help with that.  I have signed up for four photography classes.  One is in New Orleans this week.  The other three are here in Salt Lake including a basic class, a low light class, and a water class.  I look forward to learning more and sharing what I have done.  

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