Water Fountain

These are some of my favorites from Costa Rica. Costa Rica is a photographers dream. As I drove with my husband I was constantly thinking "oh I should stop him and get a picture of that." I seriously was thinking it every few minutes and we would have never gotten anywhere if I had taken all the pictures that I wanted.Rio Celeste: It really is this color of blue: no pp. The volcanic elements mixed with some other elements of another river mix and make the water this beautiful color. It was amazing.The kids there captured my heart. They were so beautiful. This little girl was working on her letters while her mom made us lunch in a little restaurant in the middle of nowhere.The animals were amazing. We saw so much wild life it was great. This lizard was in the perfect spot to get some good DOF.There were so many beautiful trees and flowers. While we were waiting for the clouds to clear from the top of a volcano so we could see down in, I captured this photo of a lovely flower.


Anonymous said...

Great shots Laura! Hey, welcome back ... I thought that you had abandoned your blog for a bit. Just saw your comment to Dave and said "Wow .. She's back!" Glad you enjoyed yourself.


Howard Grill said...

The green and aqua of Rio Celeste is gorgeous!