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So I finished reading "People in Focus" by Bryan Peterson a few weeks ago and have neglected posting a review:

I really enjoyed this book and it gave me some good insight into how I would go about taking pictures of strangers, but I am not really wanting to take pictures of strangers so in this case the book is more for photographers looking to create a portfolio of many stock photography. After I finished the book, I immediatly started reading another book by Bryan Peterson called, "Beyond Portraiture." I thought this book may answer more of my questions, but I found it to be about the same book as "People in Focus." So really there is only need to pick up one of these books if you feel inclined. I think I am finding that as I read these books the photos are more valuable to me than the information. I now know a few more technical things about my camera I just need to get a better eye for the art of taking a picture.

I am currently reading a book called "Creative Digital Photography" by Michael Busselle and it is really helping me to think outside the box and to learn some of the art of photography. I may review this book more after I finish it, but so far it is good.

The last book review I will do is of a book called "Photographing Children in Black and White" by Helen T. Boursier.
I didn't really even finish the book because it was not the kind of book I thought it would be. This book had pictures of a million kids in black and white and as I flipped through the book before reading it I found that almost every picture was taken by the ocean (something I do not have nearby), and I did not really like the quality in the work. I thought most of the pictures were cheesy and bland. I have seen far better pictures as I browse blogs of amature photographers. I think that there must be something to converting pictures to black and white using post production products than just doing plain black and white. I like black and white photos that look a little creamy in nature. Anyway, if you have some info on how to take better photos of children let me know because I seem to not be finding the best information for myself.

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