Book Review: "Understanding Digital Photography" by Bryan Peterson

So I totaly am not posting as many pictures as I want to. Reason being is I started reading a lot of photography books that are helping me understand what I am doing. I started one called "Understanding Exposure" by Bryan Peterson and I was enjoying it so much that I reserved more books by him at the library. One of them was this:
I decided to stop reading the exposure on for this because this one is a little more basic. If you are wanting to start with an easy read book that helps you understand what all these weird photography terms mean like aperture, ISO, shutter speed, ect. I really suggest you pick up this book. Byran Peterson really puts things on a basic level without talking down to you. He has several examples of what he is talking about by way of pictures he has taken. He explains things by likening them to things in life that almost everyone is familiar with. I have read some reviews on this book saying that Bryan Peterson wrote this before he was totally familiar with digital photography which I feel now is somewhat true. He doesn't totally understand some of the stuff and you can tell, but I really liked this book anyhow. It helped me get my understanding of digital photography to a higher level so I can start reading other books and understand what they are saying. I am going to start getting out and taking more pictures here soon to post, but for now I am reading and learning so this photoblog may be slow in the pictures you get.

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