My Family

black and white lanscape family photo

family picture


Kate said...

so cute laura. Love the family pic.
I am using and loving the 85mm f1.8lens right now.
so glad you are feeling better.
other than tired is the pregnancy uneventful?

I am Laura said...

Thanks Kate. Pregnancy is going good now with no problems whatsoever except the fact that I have headaches and feel rotten. I just got a 50 mm f1.4 lens. I am still getting used to using a fixed lens. I can't wait to get a bit longer lens here in a few months. The kit lens going only to 55mm just isn't always doing it for me. Your photos are just getting better and better. I feel like lately mine are getting worse and worse. Like I am just noticing that these seem over processed and a bit too bright. Well, I will learn.