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Jon and Briana said...

Ok sorry I am sure you are sick of hearing from me! But I added your photo blog on my tabs so I would remember and I love commenting. This was very educational in two ways, learning how corn works and learning about this blog for you. I am glad you love all of the pictures you put on here. I would agree that you love them more than me I just like to admire for a little while but you make a conscious effort to pour over and analyze your pictures and yes I think (again my thoughts really dont count too much!) but that does make you a true photographer. I take pictures for memories you take pictures for learning for capturing a feeling or an idea. Keep going you just keep getting better

Laura said...

Briana -- I am so glad you are leaving comments. It makes me feel like I at least have an audience of a few. I think your comments really help me and I thank you for them. Laura

Anonymous said...

I think these are amazing photos. You should enter some in the fair. xoxo Mom