Book Review: "2008 Photographer's Market" Donna Poehner, Editor

I haven't done a book review in a long time. Learning is important to me, but I think I have grown a lot by just taking photos and looking at other photographers photos. Recently I have been trying to find ways to make more money. I have been tutoring students and as summer hit a bunch of my jobs were put on hold for the summer. I got to thinking about how I might make money with my camera and after doing some searching thought about stock photography. I saw on a forum a suggestion to get "2008 Photographer's Market." I got the book from the library and have to say it is an excellent book for people who are wanting to make money with their photography. It has everything from stock photography to opening your own business to selling your photography to magazines. The first part is called "How to Start Selling Your Work." The first point in this section is Be honest with yourself. It has you contenplate if your photographs are up to par with your peers. I can honestly say no. I just saw a bunch of people suggesting stock photography and I thought, "hey maybe I could make a buck or two. This book has helped me see that I have work to do if I want to make money with photography.

Also as I have thought of making money in this way I have thought, do I really want to? Sometimes doing something that you love for work can turn that into something that you hate. Stock photography is not the type of photography I admire so why would I want to change the style of my work to match the photography needed on those sites? Understanding these things are important if you want to sell your work. For now I am going to keep enjoying taking pictures and enter a few in some armature contests for fun.

Overall I give this book 5 out of 5. It has more information than you could ever need.


Kate said...

My sister and i have this book and were thinking the samething. Actually we were trying to go the greeting card route. It is hard.

Stew Turner said...

I agree. To me, it is best to continue enjoying photography for what it is. Allow yourself to grow without the pressure to "create" new work in order to sell. I am sure it must stifle anyone's personal growth. Having said that, it is a good idea to always be open to new possibilities.

Here is a website that may be of interest to you. it has plenty of fresh ideas to think about.

Laura said...

Thanks Stew. I like that website. It is very informative. I will keep thinking about it all. I would like to make some money from photography as we need me to figure out a way to be mom, wife, and make money. I just don't know where to begin and still feel a bit too amateurish to start using my photography to make money.

Stew Turner said...

I think that you have an opportunity available to you now. Your photographs of children are awesome. Maybe it's time to start shooting the children of friends and neighbors. Some people do this at sporting events or other types of gatherings.

You have a good eye so keep it up!

Laura said...

Stew -- Wow thanks so much. I have been looking into a lot of things this week and I think I may post on craigslist to get some people to do shoots with me for free (they would pay if they want a cd of any images) then I can build up a portfolio. So far my portfolio is mainly of my children and a few friends. I am nervous to give it a go, but you never know unless you try right.

Stew Turner said...

What a great idea! Craigslist is the place to go these days.