fireworks 096


Ben said...

It is Teasle, Dipsacus sylvestris which is native to Europe but has gone wild in the United States. So, is it a weed? by most definitions yes, but the term "weed" is very similar to the term "cult". We use it to designate what we don't want . . . .

Laura said...

Thanks Ben. I would love you to name all the plants that I don't know the names of.

Stew Turner said...

Hi there!
What a cool looking plant. Whenever I can't figure out what something is I go to the UBC botanical garden website at

They are really helpful. All you need to do is post an image, give a brief description of where you found it. There are folks who subscribe to the forum that have incredible knowledge and are more than will to help you out. Very helpful and very cool.

If you just do a search on my name "stew" you can see some of the feedback that I have received in the past.