Ally old school building


Kate said...

Great photo and great lessons learned. I can take away from those lesson as well.
I have a problem posing and instructing people as well.
I do love the pp you did.

On a side note i changed my blog address to

Amy and Daniel said...

So cute! It looks like she coorperated. Miss you guys!

Liz said...

That is a really cute photo of Ally. Sandy commented to me how much she loved the pics you did for me-and that you were a really great photographer. I mentioned your frustration with people pictures and posing, and she said that your candid shots were really good. So don't beat yourself up about it :)
Maybe my dad can help out a little with some suggestions. But anyway-your great! :)

Stew Turner said...

I just love the monochrome treatment you did with this image. Very nice!