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Jon and Briana said...

Sorry I have been a slacker on commenting but our internet was not working! So I love this picture I does not seem obvious that it is off set. But the real thing I want to say is that I agree with your statement that you have a talent for taking photos of nature. But you also said that you have a hard time with people. Which I agreed with at first but then I thought about it and your children I know pretty well and they are familiar to me. So I wonder if that is why they do not look so professional to me. But then I remembered the pictures of your friend that I do not know and they look very professional. But then these last two pictures ice cream and blowing wishes look professional but I also thought they were black and white. maybe that helps too! I just think all the many motions and colors make for easy distractions when taking pictures of children! And think of all the professional photographers they bring in the most well behaved children to pose perfectly they just make it look too easy. So dont be too hard on yourself and keep practicing I am sure you will figure it out!