Daddy's hand

Daddy's hand

my sister wrote a poem about this one that I must share:

My Father's Hands
by Kellie

My Father's hands mean so much
I feel his love with every touch.

My father's hands are big and strong
The ones that will teach me right from wrong.

My father's hands are cut and scarred
Because he always works so hard

My father's hands wrap around me tight
Before he gives me a kiss good-night.

My father's hands clasp together to pray
Which he does for me every night and day.

My father's hands I will always take
Because he does what's best for my sake.

And this is why my father's hands mean so much
For I feel his love with every touch.


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Jules said...

You should really watermark or put your "Photo name" on this one.
Nice framing and good choice for black and white. i only wish that I had a picture like this of mine. Too late now though. *sigh*