They tasted good



Jon and Briana said...

I love the pea pod and how you propped it open. I think your hand as a background it great for a home picture but it does not look as professional as your other pictures. but I do love your idea for getting a bucket full of them the will be an awesome photo. do you generally time your picture taking for early in the morning or later in the evening? The light always seems to be shining perfectly!

Laura said...

Mostly later in the evening, but sometimes in the daytime. It just depends. I think I have been lucky with the light. This one was taken sometime after dinner so early evening.

LuAnn said...

I love the pea picture. It reminds me of going to my aunt and uncle's house in Montana. We went in the garden and ate peas till we got sick. It was so much fun. Hope you have a bumper crop. LuAnn