Freezing Rain

Wow!!! Has it really been that long since I posted. There is a reason. I started working about a month ago and I am not really used to having so little free time.

This Sunday we had a freezing rain storm and everywhere I looked just seemed to be a picture perfect scene. Now, I am from out West where there is no such thing as freezing rain. Here in the Midwest and Eastern United States freezing rain is a scary storm that causes roads to be slick and trees to fall. I found this being my first freezing rain to be a beautiful time. It rained for a good day and as soon as the rain hit anything it froze. My husbands car was not in the garage and it was covered in a thick layer of ice. Trees became ice sculptures and everything dripped with ice cycles. What a picturesque scene I saw everywhere I turned.

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Frida Pixelbloggen said...

Hi, I think it looks magnificent. Have seen pictures from ice covered cars, bridges trees and houses. I haven't seen this for real just in pictures.
Nice pics also.

Frida Pixelbloggen