Another shot at macro

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Scampi said...

Hi There! It's Scampi from the S3 users forum. Great photoblog, and a neat way to learn! : )

I've struggled with Macro photography also. I don't have a Macro lens, so have been relying on the Supermacro setting on the S3. Some come out fairly well, but something I've definitely found out is that it is much better if we use a tripod. I'm now looking to buy a small tripod (perhaps the Gorilla pod with the flexible legs). So much of my shooting time I spend trying to steady my hands and body, but in Macro every little shake counts.

I've also decided to use spot-metering while doing Macro (or center-weighted depending on conditions). I've been trying to get the sharpest possible shot, or at least area under scrutiny, and I think at times it is a good idea to tell the camera to expose that area that usually gets the least light, or that the lens and my body might shade a bit.

My biggest frustration yet is wind and camera shake. I saw a wonderful pair of grasshoppers the other day, on top of a beautiful flower... but, the wind was moving the flowers and the camera just refused to focus. Holding the plant with my hand was awkward and introduced its own shaking.

Next thing I will try however is a neat little thing I bought recently: a camping led headlight. I use it for reading at night, and I think it might provide another source of light when getting close in Macro shots. This headlight I have can tilt up or down, so I'm thinking I can bounce the light off another surface, and since the light is pretty white, it ought not tinge the colors too much. Well, that's what I think anyway, but am still doing more research on it!

Thanks for the Photoblog, it is photographically nourishing!